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captain caveman

Burning Question Results :-D

Woo-hoo. My instructable on How to paint walls actually won one of the grand prizes in the Burning Questions contest on Instructables.

That was a nice pick me up to a week that wasn't going terribly well. At this point I just need to survive another day and a half of work, go to my mom's birthday dinner (yes, my parents' birthdays fall 3 days apart, 10/27 for my dad, 10/30 for my mom), and get myself ready for my little jaunt out of town this weekend to hang out with waxesglad and help her move some bodies err... umm... art stuff.

Aaaaaand now, back to the salt mines.


Congratulations! I'm not surprised that your instructable won an award. It was very informative, and helpful, especially to anyone that's never painted walls well.

*Hint* - When one is moving bodies *cough* you're not supposed to tell anyone!
Thanks! I got a little worried because someone else entered one on the same topic, but theirs actually involved using materials that could result in producing toxic and possible carcinogenic materials in the course of cleaning the walls (probably not a good start ;)


"Important safety tip, thanks Egon"