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Stoning the cats....

Bah, Pixel finally managed to get into the catnip today.

My bedroom looks like a weed factory just exploded in there. Pixel & Tish are covered in catnip and they are looking quite happy and slightly stoned (I know catnip doesn't do that, but they do look really funny right now). They're also really hyper.

At least this didn't happen at 4 am while I'm trying to sleep...

I think the cats are going to be catnip free for a while now. All their catnip is on the floor and will shortly be vacuumed up and they'll have to wait until I get around to buying more.


Can I borrow your cats?

I could use some good, cheap entertainment.

Got any pictures?
Sorry, the cat's aren't lendable, but next time you're out here you can hang out and play with them :)

Yeah, there are some older pictures of them on my webpage somewhere (I'll make you hunt for them though ;)
You would do that! :P
Well as the great and powerful Bugs Bunny would say "Yeeeeah, ain't I a stinka?"
pixel is such a lovely name for a kitty :)
I agree, although I suspect that Pixel thinks that it's some sort of swear word since she often hears "Pixel no! Bad cat!" etc... Even Tish (Morticia) seems to think that it's best not to be called Pixel :)


have you ever wondered if animals name themselves??? i think my cat'd name himself "the one who is mighty and striped"
I think you're right. I know that half the time Pixel only responds because I've called her a few times and she has the "What are you squaking about?" look on her face.