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The Great Arizona Flat File Adventure

It was a long, tiring day but I had a lot of fun hanging out with great company (and pie). Plus, the flat files have made it to their new home.

I'll post more tomorrow. Now I am beat. Time for bed.


I adore flat files! I used to wish for them all the time while in my drafting lab. Not only are they completely functional (for drafting purposes) but they are also really aesthetically pleasing to have around.

Are those yours, or your friend's that you were helping to move?
they're mine... i purchased them for a tidy sum from my printmaking professor at the university of arizona. apparently she didn't want to drag them all the way to idaho when she relocated! they were my first piece of furniture. :)
I can definitely see why you've hung on to them. I've always wanted a set. I had a close friend that had a some (half stack- but it looks as though you have two files stacked on top of each other, correct?) and he used them as his coffee table. Very utilitarian to have around the house!

this is the 6th time i've had to move them

yeah, it's two of 'em--five drawers each (victor did a countdown: "30% done!...40% done!..." 'cause they are such an ordeal to carry in, and each drawer is stuffed full). the top of the flat files used to become somewhat of an "altar" of old family photos... don't know what's in store for 'em here, as they are in the guest bedroom.

Re: this is the 6th time i've had to move them

They wouldn't have been that bad if we hadn't already been tired from running around all day and dealing with the trailer etc...

As it was though, I was pretty thrilled when we got that last drawer in.
Believe it or not, I've never actually needed files like that for my drafting stuff (then again I learned to draft digitally ;).

They are cool though when you need to store large-ish flat items, and they weren't too hard to move, just a little tedious after a while (10, count them 10 drawers!).

All things considered though I had great company so it wasn't much of an ordeal and it was really more of a fun adventure.