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Dinner Plans

Is it just me or is this not right up there with Christmas eve as far as being annoying and exciting and just great for going unbearably sloooooow?

I want this election over with now.

In other news, I'm still at work because I was asked to take a prospective new hire out to dinner but they're running late with interviews, so here I sit, just shy of 12 hours after I got here. If nothing else at least the guy seems pretty cool so it should be a fairly laid back working dinner, and hey, free food.

In yet other other news. I'm experiencing fun-trip-crash today wherein I really don't want to be here doing what I'm doing, I'm wanting to be elsewhere doing other things that are more fun. Plus I just realized that I've been at work for the entire duration of daylight hours today. I was here before the sun came up and it's pretty much down and I'm still here.

Something about that just seems not right.

All in all, it's not bad for a Monday but that's not saying all that much. Certainly not given how the last few weeks were going.

On the plus side, this coming weekend promises to be busy, fun, and LONG as I take my first official vacation day next Monday :-D.

Hmmm... I want to go make something....

This rambling message brought to you by the campaign to just-elect-Obama-already.

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