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purple dragon


I meant to write this at 3am, but I was dead:

Well I got tickets to Seinfeld's show in a few weeks. That makes 4 really nifty shows I've been able to catch in the last 6 months or so. I got to see Riverdance (ok kinda boring, but still it was free), Reverend Horton Heat (amazingly cool and lot's a pretty people at the show to admire and drool over), Carlos Mencia (he's an amazingly funny comedian), and now Jerry Seinfeld.

Of course the Seinfeld tix were a tad pricey, but oh well, They are good seats. Now to see if P wants to go with. If not is anyone going to be in this neck of the woods 02/02?

Ticketmaster is fairly evil, but they let me buy tickets at 3 am and they gave me good seats so they're a useful kind of evil.

Oh, and the James Bond movie starts shooting soon. It will probably be released by the end of the year (or so says CNN). *does the happy dance* I'm a huge James Bond fan. My dad started me watching those when I was like 5 or something. I don't care how un-PC he is, he's just damn cool. He's definitely a Steve*

* note: from the Tao of Steve, quite an amusing movie


I hear ya about the pretty people. haha.
I'm going to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly festival this year to look at cool cars and stylish kittens and kats (and well, because it's in Vegas.
I'm not even a fan of most straight up country-ish rockabilly.
The Rev is cool though. I must've seen them at least a half a dozen times.

Have fun at the Seinfeld show!! I wanted to see Janeane Garofalo when she was in Detroit but I found out too late. Oh, phooey ;P
Now that sounds like a kick ass festival to go to. One of these days I have to go to something like that and take my Buick (a '53 sedan affectionately known as Hazel). Preferably one of these days when I have time for a nice road trip.

I didn't evern realize that Heat was rockabilly at first. I think I came across his cover of "Stop that Pigeon" on the Saturday Morning Cartoon CD and really dug the sound, I've been hooked ever since. I plan on catching any and all of his shows in my neck of the woods from now on. That's been by far the niftiest show I've been to in a while.

Garofalo is playing in San Antonio in a couple of weeks. If I knew anyone out there I'd probably try and swing out to catch the show (I thought about it last night as I was perusing the TicketMaster listings for TX). As it is, I'm still amazed that Seinfeld is coming out here.


You should post pics of that little lady of yours ;)


Hazel needs a face-lift first, she's a mature lady after all.

However, this is what I want her to look like. It's the same year, but the 2-door version. It'll be a while before that happens though. I'm just learning how to do serious upholster/interior work and I'm debating doing the painting myself or hiring it out....

If you are into cars a bit, here's my rant about Hazel from my car journal. The main stuff that's happened since then is the tracking down of replacements for all but 2 of the missing/damaged pieces :). She is now 99.99% complete and original parts-wise.

Re: Hazel

me wants
me wants.

Someday when I have a lot of free time (will that ever happen?)
I'm gonna get me a little something something to tinker with.
I'm not mechanical minded in the least, but I'd love to learn.

Re: Hazel

me wants
me wants.

Heh, funny. That's exactly what I said when I found her sitting by the side of the road in a small neighborhood with a for sale sign on her. A lot of folks thought she was too far gone to be worth it (this was before the current craze in car restorations). The owner came down a bit in the price and even so she still cost me every penny I made that summer (she was cheap, but I made peanuts... sometimes it feels like I still do).

My current goal is to have her street legal and looking sexy by the end of this year so that she can hit 50 in style. Can you tell I'm a bit of a car geek?

You don't need a lot of time to do that stuff. So long as you have another car to be your daily driver you can take your time and do things right. The biggest stuff I've learned is that you a) must spend some coin for the manuals (shop, owner's, etc...) and you must b) do lots of reading and research. Don't trust folks to know everything about cars, most think they do but really don't.

I'm sure you can learn the mechanical stuff. It's a lot simpler than most people make it out to be. Besides, you can always ask folks for pointers (they may not know everything, but a lot of folks do have some really useful tips & tricks).

Ok, I'm going to stop rambling about cars now and do some work :)