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snoopy dance

Free Obama Sticker

Not sure if folks have seen this, but I kind of dig this sticker design:

You can get one for free from MoveOn.org.

and that will hopefully be my last political-ish post for at least a couple of weeks.

Phew, I am politic'ed out.


I know you're politic'd out, but...

"Yes we did" completely misses the point. The attitude that getting elected was the finish line is the attitude that leaves us with politicians that get nothing done.

"Yes we can" isn't "yes we can get a black man elected," or "yes we can get Barak Obama elected." "Yes we can" is "Yes we can change the world, now let's get started."

Yes we can. Keep the drive, keep the pressure, keep trying, keep going. This is the starting line.
Heh, I'm not entirely politic'ed out. Just figure I'm tired of it and my friends are likely tired of it so it's a good time to make posts about puppies or sexy cars or something ;).

WRT the sticker though, eh.

I get what you're saying that "Yes we did" is a little premature sounding, BUT I think given the dirty tricks and the position that he came from, it's not an entirely inappropriate use of the term and the phrase.

As some of the pundits have pointed out, what does this say about someone who was just a community organizer? About a campaign that ran on miniscule donations? That didn't sink to the low bar set by McCain and the Carl Rove dirty tricks squad.

I think that has something to do with "Yes we can."

I didn't think it was just about reaching the promised land of cheap alternative fuel, pushing back global warming, re-establishing the US as a serious international player, fixing the economy, ending the wars, etc... I think (especially given the last 2 campaigns) that "Yes, we can" was also about being able to win because the odds were stacked against the Obama campaign. It's part 1 of many. They said that a freshman senator from Illinois couldn't become president 4 short years after breaking onto the national scene, people said "yes, we can." and they were right.

Now, people say that we can't find a way to fix the environment, find cheap alternative fuels, end the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc... etc... and to all those things that can't be done I think it's perfectly fair to respond, "Yes, we can" and when things get tough, you can go back to this election and say "look, they said we couldn't do that either and what happened? Yes, we did!"

So, yeah, I don't think it's a war with one battle. There are countless fights left to fight, but I don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating the fact that we did actually accomplish something that a LOT of people didn't think we could and didn't want us to. So to that end, I really feel it's completely fair and even right to declare that "Yes, we did"... now we just need to keep going and keep doing.

Edited at 2008-11-07 05:10 pm (UTC)
*nod* That makes sense. The one problem I have is it's so easy to see the "yes we did" and think that's the end of it. I'd rather find a way to get both sentiments expressed in one.
I like the idea of having an image of Obama rolling up his sleeves as he looks at a mess of indeterminate origin and saying "Yes we did. Now to clean up this mess"