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vpm shoot

All Souls Procession 2008

All Souls Procession 2008
Originally uploaded by dragonvpm
The drive back was a drag, but the whole day/evening was great.

Here is my token ASP photo before calling it a night. More to come tomorrow or Tuesday.


Sweet, FIRE!!!
Fire, fire, fire!
The drive back was a drag

I read this as "The drive back was in drag", which has entirely different connotations :)
Entirely different and wholly terrifying to anyone unfortunate to see that.

Fortunately I was doing more of the slightly disheveled three piece suit thing. We did more of a dressy thing with my outfit wandering more towards a New-Orleans-voodoo-Baron-Samedi look (hence the top hat from my earlier post).
Cool. Hopefully I'll have my photos up tonight :)
It's the All Souls Procession in Tucson.