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monkey thumbs up

I don't care what the major department stores say....

It's not quite Christmas time, but I have found an awesome (and silly) bit of Christmas cheer.

I am so getting this for my office:


So how big is that thing?
About a foot tall. Good desk/office size I think :-D

I think I'll call him George :-p.

*baking apple pie*
Mmmmmmmmm pie.... nom nom nom

I should be out of here by 3 and on the road shortly thereafter.
Very! :-D
Does he light the coal for the really bad children?
I'm thinking either that or he lights the really bad children ;)
awww, too bad he's only a foot tall. rohan would be so cute on his lap!
heh, who knows maybe I'll be inspired to make a large version of him. I'm really very happy that it exists, this is the first Christmas decoration that I genuinely like and want :-D