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statler & waldorf

Skew the results...

The ever mischievous waxesglad pointed me at this rather interesting survey from some folks I doubt I'd really like under the best of circumstances.

I figured I'd pass it along to my friends who might possibly help skew the results towards a direction less firmly planted up one's own ass (see illustration ;).

American Values Survey


I can't even take this survey. For example:

What sort of federal tax reform do you favor?:
a) A "flat rate" federal income tax
b) A national sales tax to replace the income tax
c) Keep the current system

Um... d) make the tax system more progressive
Since our current system of taxes is already pretty flat actually, when you figure it ALL the taxes people pay, including sales tax, property tax, medicare, and FICA.
See, given the sponsor, I figure that having as many people taking it and giving non-stupid answers to the social issue questions will nicely skew their results even if you end up picking a few non-ideal answers to some of the questions (I wasn't too crazy about some of the questions either).
I looked.... stilted questions

I skewed (answered honestly)

Excellent. I figured most people on my friends list would tend to help produce some unexpected answers for them to mull over.

Not every single question was terrible, but I dislike that they keep harping on some issues that shouldn't be that big of a deal (not next to war, economic disaster, healthcare etc...).