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f*** you

Lyrics: Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons - Walk Like a Man

How did my love life become a Frankie Vallie song?

Oh how you tried to cut me down to size
Telling dirty lies to my friends
But my own father said give her up don't bother
The world isn't coming to an end

(he said just) Walk like a man
Talk like a man
Walk like a man my son
No woman's worth
Crawling on the earth
Just walk like a man my son

Good-bye baby I dont mean maybe
I'm gonna get along somehow
Soon you'll be cryin on account of all your lyin
Oh yeah just look who's laughing now

(I'm gonna) walk like a man
Fast as I can
Walk like a man from you
I'll tell the world to forget about it girl
And walk like a man from you


My brother and I used to sing this song when we were wee. I would do the bass and he would do the falsetto...
OH...and Blue Moon, Duke of Earl, etc.
Good songs, I think I have all of those and more of the same type on my iPhone already. I totally grew up listening to that stuff.
Heh, man the video of that would be awesome... for blackmail purposes :-p

Heck, when I'm driving, I still do that (although I can only do bass now).