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inspector gadget

Best laid plans...

So the outdoors adventure did not work out as expected. One of my truck's brake calipers had some issues so I came back early to get it sorted out.

The day was an adventure and I had fun doing some off road driving and I got a few decent photos before I headed back. At the moment, I'm sitting at a random restaurant getting food while I wait to hear from the mechanic.

Thus endeth hunting weekend #1 and I'm pretty much ok with that.



congratulations?? :)
Not quite.

The truck issues turned out to be a bit more expensive than I would have liked plus it can't get fixed until Monday at the earliest.

This is starting to look suspiciously like a sign of some sort :-p
what does it all mean? :S
Heh, I'm thinking it means that I should enjoy photography more than shooting at things.

I still plan on going for another couple of weeks with my dad (I really enjoyed the off-roading and some of the stuff we can see out in the middle of nowhere is just absolutely gorgeous) but I may have to put some more thought into how eager/willing I'd be to actually do anything more than carry my rifle out there.

Speaking of what does it mean, what does the :S smilie mean? :-p
:S = sort of a silly, inquisitive, pondering smile.
That sounds about right ;-)
Hey, I just learned how to change my brakes today!

And by learned how to change my brakes, I mean got a bunch of boys to do it for me. I bedded 'em in, though, and they feel good.

Who got bedded? :-p

(reread the last part of that comment, I nearly spat out my drink when I read it the first time around ;-)

My vehicle troubles weren't quite so easy to resolve. My truck is out of commission until Monday at the earliest so I'm tooling around in my folk's sport-trac. I really need to get my little sports car running again, I don't like having to borrow vehicles.
Haha :D

You do need to get your little sports car running again! In part because borrowing vehicles sucks, in part because little sports cars RULE!
True, true, I hate borrowing vehicles. I forget how spoiled I get with mirrors and seats etc...

Well, it's not quite as little as the sports cars you like :-p. Kinda hard to make that claim about a 70's Corvette w/ a big ol' V-8, but I love that rumble :-D.

I'd actually been thinking about getting it back on the road since it's actually in running order, I just put it in storage mode a couple of years ago and I need to clean it up, give it a tune up and get the registration, inspection, and insurance sorted out. Not a big deal, but it's always easier to not spend the doing all that if I don't need to.

Right up until I think about how much I miss driving that car ;-)