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tee vee

TV Therapy

Do you ever find yourself getting good advice from watching TV?

I ended up watching the rest of season #3 of Bones (which I'd started over Thanksgiving but was going to put off while I was out of town) and on a number of occasions I heard some frighteningly useful/appropriate comments/advice.

Sadly, they didn't have the meaning of life or a way to fix anything, but several of the interpersonal plot lines got me thinking about some interesting (and useful/good) things. I think I still prefer getting my advice from friends/trusted sources, but it was an interesting weekend partially vegging and partially processing things.

Oh, and I have Jury Duty tomorrow! Woo Hoo! :-p

(I'd be a lot more enthusiastic about Jury Duty if I ever got picked to sit on one, as it is now, it feels like a waste of time)


Oddly enough I find that there is good advice on life when you watch shows about death.
You know, you're right about that. I can think of quite a few shows that have dealt with death at various times and they often have some interesting insights.