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Suddenly I'm tempted to watch Expelled...

... but only with factual subtitles thrown in to correct the lies and misinformation

Except I'd still have to listen to the lies and misinformation in the first place.


Yeah, I still couldn't even get through this 4 minute excerpt without gagging. It's an awesome concept, though.
Hmmm... I don't know if I could handle it then. I watched it, but I had the sound muted so all I got were pictures and the subtitles. I kind of liked it that way, but I'm curious to see it play out w/ sound.

Too bad they didn't do a pop-up-video version with those little boings and balloons. Now that would be entertaining ;)
I haven't seen it, and I was under the impression that Expelled was a response to some other film from an opposing viewpoint so I'd want to see them both if I saw either.

Roger Ebert tore him a new one, though:

I think it's a stand-alone movie that was done in the same style as Michael Moore's stuff except that where he takes facts and creatively edits them to make his point (which may or may not be supported by the facts) they just dispensed with facts all together and did their best to paint the ID supporters as poor underdogs fighting against an unfairly dismissive scientific system that's resistant to change (which pretty much proves that they don't actually understand how the scientific system works in the first place).