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Thou Shalt not Snipe Stupidly


eBay is very cool. I've found some truly bizarre and cool stuff there, and more often than not, I can get what I want at a good price. Sometimes though....

I don't particularly mind being sniped (esp not since I've done it from time to time), but I can't stand watching some dipshit place 20 bids in 5 minutes just before the end of the auction, and then not win the damn thing. I was looking at some of my previous transactions, and I think that snipers have cost me $100 to $150 in last minute botched snipes.

You know, I probably wouldn't even mind someone trying to snipe and failing, but what I don't understand is why place 20 bids with $1.00 or even $0.50 increments. Wouldn't it be simpler to just decide what your max bid is, bid that and see if you win or not? Apparently these people don't understand the concept of Proxy bidding that eBay uses. See, its not that annoying to see the price suddenly jump, but seeing the price climb up steadily for 5 minutes and then still end up winning the auction is annoying.

Anyways, I now have some cool and relatively inexpensive (but not as inexpensive as they were going to be) new home decorations just in time for Halloween (not that I'm likely to put these away afterwards ;).