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I know that I'll get no sympathy from my friends living farther north, but this morning was COLD! I really don't mind the cold that much, but that first morning when you really feel it is always a shock to the system... especially having to climb out of bed and away from warm covers and furry cats.



It's 63 in Boston right now :)
It was around 25 when I left for work in the morning :-p
The crazy thing is, its 60 degrees today (but it was in the 20s on Monday and we had snow on Sunday). :)
Well, I think you guys are getting the cold front that dipped down to slap us around so I imagine your going to be seeing lower temperatures :-p.

I really don't mind the cold and I know it wasn't _that_ cold this morning, but it's that first morning when you really feel that it's really not fall any more that always catches me by surprise.
i was colder in pasadena, believe it or not. my apt there was drafty-- they don't know jack about insulation in s. ca! we ended up camping out in our living room, right next to our pathetic gas heater b/c our bedroom and office was just too darn cold to sleep/work in. after about a week or so of this, we tape plastic over our bedroom window, bought a heater, and reclaimed our bedroom for the most part. the office? extra cold storage ;p

here we have this beautiful furnace downstairs, sucking down oil and turning it into heat.... and double pane windows. hell ya!
My house is insulated with brick walls and the only windows that aren't drafty are the ones that are painted shut, so I can sympathize with your Pasadena plight.

Now I just say :-p to your double pane windows ;-)
There was frost on the ground this morning as I was biking to work and I recently lost my great smart-wool hat that I usually wear under my bike helmet. I wrapped a scarf around my head under my helmet and that mostly worked. The girl at the coffee shop was expressing amazement that I was biking to the train with wet hair. I was like "but hairdryers are bad for my hair and it takes too long anyway!" She was not convinced.
LOL, nice.

I'd bike to work if not for having a mountain in between my house and work :-p

Still though, once I'm in better shape I might actually consider it. I'm usually out here before 6 so there is a slight concern about stupid drivers in the dark, but I usually go home around 4 so I'd miss the really bad rush hour traffic and it's only about 5+ miles each way so it's definitely do-able except that the city isn't ideal for cycling yet.

It's something I've been pondering for a while.
I'm really glad my commute is flat 'cause I'm kindof a wuss about hills and would have a much harder time convincing myself to bike every day if I had to deal with them. As it turns out, my bike from home to the train station has an elevation gain of a whole 40'! Woo! In fact even if I bike all the way to work from home (about 16mi) the highest elevation delta is about 110'.
So how do you figure out what the elevation change is? I have no idea what the delta is here but it's not like I have to go over the entire mountain so now I'm kind of curious.
I use Gmaps Pedometer: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/

It is a fun toy for mapping walking and biking routes and it has an elevation option.
Nifty, and not so bad actually.

Taking my usual route there, it's a max elevation change of about 250' and if I returned via my usual route it's got a max change of about 500' and it's right around 5 miles via either route way.

Definitely something to ponder once I'm fitter.

What do you do about getting to work sweaty and stuff though?
I think the temperature was in the teens when I woke up this morning. It is 27 degrees now.


Edited at 2008-12-10 06:37 pm (UTC)
Ours was in the 20s, I think it was around 25 when I left for work :(.
Yep, no sympathy at all. ; )
I'll be down there in a couple of weeks and I'm actually looking forward to your "warmer" weather!
LOL, well I prefer our weather to yours, that's for sure.

Hey, when you guys are in town maybe we can meet up at some point, it would be great to finally meet the elusive T & M :-D

It would be great to finally meet you as well!This particular trip is going to be pretty packed given it's my first trip back home on top of it being the holidays, attending Marcela's family reunion, etc. but email me your number and I'll text if we can swing it. If not, we should be back in the summer and can definitely meet up then. : )
Ok, I just looked at the weather there.
You should be ashamed.

Hey, it was in the 20s this morning when I got up!