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stark test

Facebook Notes

Is there any rhyme or reason to how Facebook Notes work?

I have it set up to slurp up my public entries from here over to there, but so far it's not making any sort of sense when/how it decides to do it. Yesterday it dragged all the entries over multiple times (apparently updating them as I made a couple of corrections), today it randomly showed an old entry in my mini-feed.

Very strange.


As much I have been enjoying FB I haven't quite nailed all the details yet. I didn't know you could cross reference... that would be ideal.
I only realized you could that when some of my friends started doing it (all the cool kids are doing it :-p). It seems to be working ok now, I'm guessing the strangeness was a function of it having to catch up and grab a bunch of the public entries (it seems to have only gone back to the previous 30 public posts when I set it up).

It is a nice feature though although I am going to have to watch my mouth a bit on my public posts. I was strangely surprised to realize just how clearly I wore my political preferences on my bloggy sleeve.

If you do set it up and have any problems let me know. It's not hard per se, but the instructions aren't the greatest, it took me a while just to realize that I had to add the "notes" application to begin with.