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Well, that's one way to perk up in the morning...

I almost got t-boned on the way to work this morning, and by almost I mean the idiot was within oh... a foot of my truck. I actually lost sight of his headlights because of how close he came (and I could see that it was a guy in the truck).

Not. Fun.

I was driving down a residential street in my neighborhood and some moron decided to run the stop sign at a street that dead ends on the street that I was on. I suspect that if it had been a normal intersection where he didn't have to turn (and hence slow down) I would have gotten hit. It was a total insurance commercial moment where you see it happening in slow motion. I heard tires screeching looked over, saw headlights, saw truck, saw it getting closer and actually saw the driver by the time he got it stopped right next to my truck as it drove by. It all happened in a split second but wow, adrenaline.

I always wonder what you do in those situations. My instinct is to stop and make sure everything is ok, but obviously without getting hit there was no accident so stopping is pointless. I'd complain about how it's a crappy way to start a Monday, but all things considered, I'm rather happy that I was almost hit instead of actually hit. Of the two options that's definitely the preferred one.



Someone nearly t-boned me on Friday. They were running a stop sign. I was sooo tempted to get out of my car (which was stopped directly in front of theirs - If I'm gonna get hit, I'd rather my car be stationary at the time) and ask them what the FUCK is wrong with them, that they couldn't manage to stop for a stop sign that's been there for well over 10 years. Instead, I just shook my head (convertible, so my disapproval was easily visible) and drove off. I wish stupidity were still deadly.

Definitely better to not get hit, though. I'm glad you avoided all of that hassle.
And someone who wasn't as fortunate as us:

*sigh* Dumbasses.
I'm QUITE glad you /nearly/ got hit. You're right on that being the better option! We used to have an old '87 Mazda 626 sedan. WE'd spun the dial. Twice. It was a third of the way to another spin when the car got hit, hard, in the front axle. Alignment was toast and the vehicle damn close to beyond salvage. As much as I hated to see it go, the family decided a new car was in order. Seventeen years is a good stretch for a vehicle, so the old 626 was finally retired.