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statler & waldorf

Bush vs. The Shoe

When I read about the whole Bush vs Shoe thing I was honestly planning to just chuckle and move on, but once I actually saw it and came across an animated gif of the incident I just had to share:

You just can't make this stuff up. I mean, throwing the first shoe is funny, but once he threw the 2nd one? That's just comedy gold right there. Plus what happened to the secret service? Shouldn't they be a little more on the ball when they see something... even something as unlikely as this, going down?

Regardless, it's a nice bit of real life humor for a random Monday.


Mr. President has pretty good ducking reflexes! I will say that!
Well clearly he kinda has to with the secret service detail he seems to have. From what I saw of the clip no one even reacted to the shoe guy until he was throwing the second one.
Yeah, it was amusing to just hear about it, but seeing it is pretty surreal. There are some pretty amusing remixes out already with the three stooges and others worked in.
God, I really hope Obama's security is better than that...
Each time I saw this I thought the same thing about the secret service and wondered why nobody else had brought it up yet. The agent that does make his way across the stage did so with hesitation and a serious lack of speed of any kind.
One would be hard pressed to find a person to dodge a bullet for this man any longer I guess.
They were probably confused as hell. But they still should have moved faster as the second object could have been pointy or lead-oriented.
True, however we are talking about THE secret service... if they can't act quick and during confusion or chaos, we've got problems. Perhaps they are not trained for the common shoe?
Secret Service for Dummies coming soon, very soon.
One difference between me and Bush jr, I'd have blocked the shoe to protect my flag.

Somehow, that feels like a difference between myself and all politicians.