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santa yoda

Company Christmas Party

Well, the annual Christmas party is this afternoon and I'm rather curious to see what it'll be like. Although I've never heard of having one from 3-7 it actually works well for my schedule so I'm happy about that.

Hopefully folks are having a good week. For a change, I've been having a really spectacular one. Here's hoping things continue to improve as they have been.


We have ours today too. It's from 2-5 because one of our people teaches karate in the evenings and has to leave at 5 everyday and will NOT make an exception. We're going to a steakhouse. Should be steaky!
You know you're going to have to spill some details soon otherwise we'll have to start badgering you, right? That turning the comments off thing will only last so long. ; )
Details will be spilled, but not just yet.

Suffice it to say that I'm doing a lot better than I had been and that's a good thing.