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Restful Sunday

Well my evening out was a lot of fun. I got to mingle with quite a few folks from work (along with their spouses and friends) and I'm left thinking that I should be more social. I tend to be fairly self-sufficient so I don't often seek people out to do stuff with, but I have to admit that last night was a lot of fun.

I got home at a reasonable hour but I stayed up a bit later than expected just goofing off online. I ended up sleeping late, but all things considered it was a nice, relaxed Sunday and next week is Christmas so I get two days off (heh screw a 3-day weekend, I'm digging the 3-day week) and I seriously doubt Friday is going to count as much of a work day. Given how many people I already know are on vacation I'm already planning on treating it as a paperwork day so I'll chill in my office, play some music (maybe a little louder than usual) and plug away at stuff that needs doing but doesn't need much input from folks (if I get more than 2 phone calls all day I'll be amazed).

So, yeah. Things are generally looking good.