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Note to self:

Back up various LJs tonight :-/

Just in case another shoe drops...


Hopefully, it's all just a rumor. *crosses fingers*
Well I've heard a couple of different accounts about how many people were fired and as some folks have noted, you don't really need that many people to run a website like LJ, but who knows.

I'm not going to head for the hills just yet, but I did grab my username on blogger (if anyone is likely to survive in the long run my money is on them) just in case.
May I recommend LJDump for all your livejournal backup needs? It's quick and easy to use (at least it was for me, and I know exactly nothing about python) and grabs comments, locked entries, etc.
More reliable sources say 13 laid off; seems par for the course around here these days. Let's see... ad supported (contextual ads are off 30-50%), codebase relatively stable, can now make use of far cheaper Russian coders? Yup, use the economy as an excuse to preemptively lay off lots of expensive SF staffers.
backed mine up, mostly as a history of my pregnancy and infant.

i meant to do some pruning and start the year light.