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Crayon Physics

So, a few weeks ago, I found a game called iTouch Phsysics in the App store. It's basically a knock-off of Crayon Physics which I had never heard of (they have a version for your PC or iPhone although I've herd the iPhone version is a bit buggy). This is what some user created levels on the PC version look like:

Crayon Physics Deluxe Level Editor from Parker Heyl on Vimeo.

Did I mention that I think this is an awesome game?

Yes, I am a big ol' geek, this shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone reading this :-p.

I showed my niece the iTouch version over the holidays and she really impressed me. She was having a bout of shyness at my folks' house so she didn't play too long, but when I went to her folks' house (i.e. my brother's house) for New Years she asked to play the game and she did pretty good (iirc she made it through a bit more than a third of the levels by herself and even though my brother and I helped her a few times she was great at learning from what we showed her and using what she learned further on).

So, I bought a copy of Crayon Physics for my PC and if it seems like something she can handle I'll get her a copy too (I'm pretty sure I will, I just want to test it to be sure... yeah that's it I'm just testing it ;-). One thing I'm looking forward to is either sending her levels I make or perhaps even exchanging levels if she gets into it. I figure that's my job as the cool uncle right? Show her fun games and get her thinking and learning stuff while she's not looking :-p

(oh I am also giving her a copy of Professor Fizzwizzle & its sequel)

Ok, I'll stop pimping the random geek games now :-p

Update: A quick check on their forums shows that people are sharing user-created levels so it looks like you can get quite a bit of extra gameplay out of this thing even after you finish the levels that come with it. Very cool.

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