Dragon -V- (dragonvpm) wrote,
Dragon -V-

Sunday Post

Why is it that Sunday always seems like the hardest day to come up with something to post?

My niece graduated from college yesterday. I kind of flaked out on the actual ceremony (I got the times mixed up and totally missed it) but I made it to the party and gave her her present so it was all good. My family (read: my siblings) also decided to do some strange Christmas gift thing that was getting on my nerves. Basically instead of giving one gift to everyone now we only have to give one gift to one person and kids are optional on the logic that they usually get plenty of gifts from their parents anyways. I dunno, it seems very odd to me and I was the person who had the most gifts to give usually (generally couples/families would give one gift and I'd end up giving gifts to individuals or couples as appropriate plus all the kids etc...

So I'm getting a gift for my dad which is cool since I usually give him stuff he likes. I'll probably also get one for my mom and call it a day. I'm not thrilled about the change, but whatever, less stuff to buy.

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