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Habit forming...

So, I didn't make any specific resolutions for this year, but I'm trying to do 3 things, one of which I'm still getting the hang of.

a) Post something to LJ every day.
b) Do my version of Project 365 on flickr
c) Use twitter more often.

So far a & b are in good shape (although I've been busy and haven't put up the last week's worth of photos, I do actually have them and will be putting them up soon) but I'm still having trouble doing twitter on a regular basis. I think it's because it feels like a txt message to no one in particular and that seems... odd. I like to ramble (as you might have noticed) so I can handle doing a post and just putting it out there just as an exercise in writing, same thing with photos, I can put them up for the sheer pleasure of having taken a picture that I like and feel like sharing, but twitter is still a bit of a challenge...

I like the concept, but I'm still not 100% sure how I can use it as part of "being online"


I want to know how many social networks I must be a part of in order to be fully accepted...aaaaggghhhh?!??!?!
You need to be a part of 8, but we're not going to tell you which ones :-p
That's just so cruel!!! :-)~~~***
Why thank you! :-D

Re: My Non Resolutions

My list of 2009 Non-resolutions:

Re: My Non Resolutions


Re: My Non Resolutions

wow, you actually wrote yours down? Heh, I'm impressed, I've never been confident enough in my resolutions (when I even think to make some) to even get that far.

Good luck sticking with them!
My goal is to post 5 out of 7 days a week. Daily would set me up for failure.

Good Luck!
See for some reason, I have an easier time doing at least one post per day. Once I give myself days when I can not post they invariably get piled on together. I'll take the 2 days from this week and the 2 days from next week string them together and next thing you know it's been nearly a month since I posted.

It also helps that I have 4 months of daily posts to look at from last year so it's easier to motivate myself to just keep going.

Good luck with your posting though, I can't wait to read what you come up with! :-D