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eastwood - good bad  ugly

Monday, Monday, Monday!

As usual the first day back from a great trip is always a bit of a drag. An empty bed, a cold morning, soreness in places I'd forgotten I had, and not quite enough sleep made for a slow start this morning, but it was a pretty laid back day so it wasn't such a bad start to the week.

Overall I'm doing pretty good and so far the year is off to a spectacular start, but this was not the most exciting of Mondays. Oh well, let's see how Tuesday goes. I'm hoping for not too much excitement or drama and just good news and progress in various things that are ongoing at the moment.


Those first days back from being out of town makes you want to pick up and move or change something, anything... they're always such a drag. I always struggle and then after about day 4 I remember... Yep, this is my life.
However, the time away always seems to be worth and it looks like that was the case here too. ; )
It's particularly hard when you find that you really clicked with someone and you can see them as a major part of your life.

Fortunately we're both in a position where we can explore possibilities to deal with the distance issue so it's not so bad. Right now I'm most eager about figuring out when I can see her again.