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So far the only downside to LASIK is that my eyes tend to get very dried out in the winter. The last couple of days it's been particularly noticeable.

Time for bed


good to know. alok just got lasik, so he's been using lots of drops.
I used them a lot at first but once the doctor said I could pull back to "as needed" I hardly needed them at all for a while. Now that it's winter though it seems like the cooler air and wind dry out my eyes really fast so I'm usually dropping them once or more per day.

How's he liking his new eyes so far?
yup, he likes 'em. he was sad at losing his longtime friend (his glasses) but he seems to have recovered from that. now he's like, "wow, i wore glasses?"
I know exactly what he's talking about.

For the first month or so after I had it done I'd wake up in the morning and reach over to my nightstand looking around for them for a few seconds until I was awake enough to realize that I could see. Even now it happens once in a while.

My eyesight had been more or less stable for years so I had quite a few glasses in various states of repair and it was about 2-3 months later that I went and donated them to charity. I felt very strange getting rid of all those glasses that I'd had for so long (some were 10+ years old). That definitely felt like losing some old friends.

In fact I kept one pair and had them made into sunglasses because I really liked them.
I can never get LASIK because I saw X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes at an impressionable age. I'm glad it seems to work though.
Heh, I can think of a few things that left lasting marks like that.

The procedure itself is really not bad at all. It's a bit strange (because they are fiddling with your actual eye) but it's over so fast that you hardly have time to get weirded out or upset before they're done.

I've really loved it even w/ the slight dry-eyes issue (which is really minor). I still catch myself occasionally marveling at just how sharp everything is around me.