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(A)bort (R)etry (I)nfluence w/ a hammer?

Today was one of those days that seems to have been missing a few hours in there somewhere. It really doesn't feel like it should be 11:30 already.

I got up early enough to make it out to Wal-Mart for an oil change and to pick up some supplies for the week. After wandering around a while I made it back to the automotive section and eventually they were ready to get me out of there, but lo and behold their printer was being uncooperative. After about 10-15 minutes the manager said something to the effect of "Well it looks like you get a free oil change." I thought he was kidding but after trying to print things out a couple more times he finally gave up and told the girl at the counter to ring up my other stuff and leave off the oil change. So that was a good $50 saved.

Not a bad start to the day.

I had spent a while re-arranging my office last night and while it wasn't quite done, I had my desk back and that inspired me to grab my laptop, make a run out to Best Buy for a copy of OS X, and attempt to install it on the machine. I was kind of amazed at how crowded the Circuit City next to BB was. It looked like Black Friday or Dec 24th crowds. I peaked in and sure enough people were running around like mad looking for deals. Apparently none of them really noticed that the 'sale' prices weren't really all that sale-like. The Consumerist had a nice article about the liquidation with the following particularly useful comments about the liquidation 'sale':

Are liquidation sales good places to find bargains?
No. Most of the time the liquidator raises all the prices back to their original number and starts marking down from there, with the markdowns getting steeper week by week. He's still allowed to make big signs that scream 50% OFF!!!! even though that price at the time might be the same or even higher than the price before the liquidation. By the time prices actually get below what they were pre-liquidation, most of the inventory has been picked pretty clean. Except for the most dedicated bargain sleuths, liquidation sales are a ripoff.

My experience with liquidations has generally been that by the time the prices get down to the point where they're worth it, the stuff I'd want is usually already sold out. I've been to a few liquidation sales over the years and without fail the prices in the beginning aren't anything to get excited over... well at least not if you do some shopping around and actually know what the stuff you're buying is worth.

So yeah, madness at the Circuit City. It was an interesting example of human nature at work. I went ahead and grabbed a copy of OS X (I know I could have bought it cheaper online, but the $15 difference was worth it so I could play with it today).

I got home and started fiddling with it and cleaning up some more stuff in the office. I do remember sitting down and one point and then waking up some time later so apparently a nap snuck up on me when I wasn't looking, but I got a fair bit of stuff done. With the exception of making any progress w/ OS X. When I started writing this post I was actually about ready to give up but I had a flash of inspiration and I got it installing now.

I'll see how far along this gets me before I call it a night.

So yeah, that was my exciting Saturday, geeking out and cleaning house.

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