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Moving to Virginia

So, yeah. I woke up this morning not really expecting anything too unusual and it turns out that I'm being relocated to Virginia. To work on our big project out at Langley AFB (in the vicinity of Newport News, Virgnia) to be precise. Ummm... yeah. Wow.

Apparently it's not unusual for this to happen in my company especially when you don't have a family (i.e. wife and kids) but it's still jarring. All things considered I'm going to end up a little ahead in the deal. They pay for moving expenses, I apparently get a new company truck, and there may be some increase in pay but I'm not 100% sure how that's worked out yet. Given how the economy is, I'm not complaining, but I'm still in shock.

I think it's a good move for me professionally so I gave them an answer on the spot, but I still spent a decent chunk of the the day doing pros and cons about the whole situation. It's been 10 years since I changed cities so it's pretty daunting to do it again. I have a house, dogs, cats, stuff. It can all be sorted out, but I don't like having to figure things out on the fly.

I'll post more later, but that's the gist of the big news. I'm going to move to Virginia in the very near future. Yikes, wow.

I'm excited, scared, eager, anxious, nervous, curious. All that stuff and more. On the plus side, this isn't adversely affecting the relationship I find myself in so that's a major plus (and the one definite good thing to being in a long distance relationship in the first place).

More later.


Kewel!!! I spent years and years being moved from place to place by my company. I loved it! If I loved the new place, I knew I could come back. If I hated it, I knew it was semi - temporary. I got to try all kinds of things and, yes, I cannot imagine how your being so willing will bode anything but great for you with the Guys In Charge.

Congrats! Can't wait to follow your adventures.
Thank you for those comments!

I hadn't thought about it quite like that, but I really liked how you put it.

I'm still pretty wound up and stressed about the whole thing, but I'm mostly trying to look at it as a chance to clear things out, get rid of junk I don't need, refocus on work, explore a new and potentially interesting part of the world (heck I'm only hours from DC I could go there regularly on the weekends).

All in all not bad, but definitely a surprise. I'll never again complain about a boring Wednesday again!!!