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  • 18:06 - two more benefits to moving to VA. I'll finally be near a Trader Joe's and an IMAX :-) #

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And possibly a Wegmans.

Store Locator | Wegmans
Sadly, no. I checked and the closest Wegmans seems to be in DC. So I'll be able to check them out at some point, but they won't be a regular shopping location (at least not until they open a store down in my future neck of the woods).
That's too bad, but if you are ever up in the Dc area to visit, stop in and check them out. I used to work at the one in the Sterling/Reston area. Also, the good news is they are always expanding. The current economic crisis may have hindered them somewhat, but hopefully not for too long. :-) (The nice thing, since I worked there, I know how clean they keep the place) Brownie points for that. :-)
I'll definitely try and swing by there at some point when I go to DC (which I'm definitely planning on doing somewhat regularly if possible)

One cool thing is that I looked at their FAQ and it seems to indicate that Virginia is one of the markets they want to expand in so I'm thinking Virginia Beach/Norfolk won't be ignored for too long. So long as the economy doesn't tank to much more.
I love Treader Joe's... the only frozen food section that's actually decent.
IMAX we have too but it gives me a splitting headache everytime. : (
I was never a huge fan of TJ's when I lived in Boston (and I was maybe a mile or two away from one) but over the years various folks have made me appreciate how cool they are. It looks like there's one a few miles away from where I work (and prsumably I'm getting a place near-ish to work since the consensus is that it's unwise to count on commuting over the bridges every day for work).

I've missed IMAX theatres. I don't know if it's an Omni, but I'm still curious to check it out and it's also fairly near to where I'll be working (really everything on that peninsula seems close by).
yay! greenies for the pups!