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Sleep Dep. 101

In case you can't tell, I can't get to sleep just yet.

I probably will shortly though. Unfortunately tonight is the night when the cats decide to work on meowing as loud as they can for... ummm... female cat reasons.... They are getting so altered soon.

Anyways, after all the fun with drafting this week, I was left wondering. Don't you think that a civil engineering program should cover drafting and surveying? Even just a 1 semester course that covered both at once would be good. I have a degree in civil engineering from a damn good school and yet I've never technically been taught how to survey or draft.

We did a fair bit of random drafting in school, but you pretty much had to figure it out on your own and even then the results weren't graded on how well they were drafted just on whether or not the prof could understand your idea/drawing. I can't think of a single time when I actually had to go out and survey something with a transit level and such.

I suspect that there were drafting and surveying classes offered somewhere in the 'tute, but there was no 1.xx class that covered that (the numbering scheme for classes is course#.class#, so course 1, civil engineering, classes would all be 1.something... just thought you'd like to know). Somehow we still had the hardest class in probability and statistics in the entire school. It was even harder than the course 18 (mathematics) version.

Apparently the reasons for this is that one of the more popular design techniques in modern civil engineering relies heavily on figuring out how likely it is for stuff to fail and picking a design that accounts for that and is relatively unlikely to fail.... We don't pick designs that won't fail, we pick ones that probably won't fail.... Think about that next time you are in a really big building or on a really tall bridge :).

So, yeah. I now know how to draft and survey reasonably well, but I think I'm going to keep an eye out for a surveying and drafting course around here. It can't hurt (too much :) to have someone go over how you are supposed to do these things. I'm a firm believer that you can't efficiently/effectively break the rules without first knowing what the rules are :).

All right, I think I'm tired enough to sleep now. G'night all.


ahhh... the joys of being deaf- feline noises don't keep you awake :D.
Heh, not to worry, my felines were causing havoc on multiple sense fronts. You'd pretty much have to be dead in order to not notice their extreme.... catty-ness last night :)