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  • 18:28 Despite spending all day busy, actual packing has been somewhat lacking today. However I've found out some interesting things. #
  • 20:38 - Fed up with packing. Going to try installing Wimdows 7 on my desktop. Because that qualifies as fun IMO. Yes I'm strange. #
  • 21:09 - wow, so far so good w/ win 7. Kinds amazed. #
  • 21:15 - if nothing else I'm amazed at how easy the installation was... #
  • 23:26 - Well I got Win 7 installed and chugging along nicely. So far I'm very pleasantly surprised and I'm typing this from the Win 7 install. #
  • 23:56 Now I remember why I made this computer so powerful :-D #
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My new tablet will have vista, which I hear sucks rocks. I had no choice though - all new windoes machines are shipping with that. I may very well upgrade to Win7. That seems potentially better than downgrading to XP. I did beta-test XP back in the day and that worked out OK for me...
Well I'm really loving it so far. They're going to close the Beta testing period soon so you might want to download it ASAP so you can try it out on the new laptop before you get too much stuff on it (just in case something goes wrong, I used my non-functional Vista partition to install it and I'm not going to bother with Vista again :-)

I got it from here and the download took about 20 minutes with a 30 minute install and it was extremely painless (almost amazingly so):

I'm torn between "I should at least give Vista a fair try first" and "...but I hear it really really sucks".

I was supposed to get my toy today but I didn't realize Auros wouldn't be home to sign for it until later. So I might have to go pick it up in person tomorrow. *checks tracking info obsessively*
Yeah, it's a tough call. I finally just decided to try it because I heard it was so nice to use AND it was so easy to install. I figured why not give a shot and I'm happy. I'm actually planning on installing it on my laptop tonight and see if it's worth using full time on that (I pretty much decided to do that on my desktop).
Actually you don't need to totally kick Vista to the curb. What you could do is setup a Windows 7 partition and install it to that. Right now my laptop and my desktop machine can both boot into Windows 7 and XP. I'll eventually be adding Linux and possibly Mac OS X to one and possibly both of them, but that's a couple of months down the road at best.

Personally one thing I really like about laptops is that they usually have restore disks that you can use to fix any OS screw up by making them look exactly the way they did when they were fresh out of the box.
Let me know how Windows 7 works out. I just can't get myself to like Vista no matter how hard I try.