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sad eeyore

Ugh :-/

Today was rough. I was asked to help unload a very large trailer full of very heavy equipment and materials from another job in Ohio that was wrapping up. The manual labor wasn't all that bad (although I did rip my new sweater and I got a nice long scrape on my leg), but it was very tiring and I didn't get other things done that I would have liked to accomplish. I didn't get a hold of the real estate agent I was recommended until late so there was no chance to look at houses.

Then tonight was just rough because I don't like living in a hotel, I'm not thrilled with moving and I'm feeling lonely. MGX helped as always, but she had some of her own stuff to deal with plus she had to work so she wasn't able to talk as much as I would have liked. I also chatted a bit w/ snowninja7 and her comments on past moves helped me feel better. It's useful to realize that other people go through this too. Knowing that the uncertainty of moving to a new place, especially when you don't have anyone at all to rely on or connect to, is very real and very much something to deal with. I'm hoping that if I get housing sorted out it'll be easier for me to feel at least somewhat settled here. It's not permanent and I can always look around for a better place 6-12 months from now, once other life things get sorted out (and hopefully once a certain someone joins me out here).