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Feel the burn...

Ouch. It was felt.

Today was my first morning back into martial arts. Did I mention ouch? It's sad to see how much less bendy I am now compared to a few years ago when I was doing it last. I was never terribly good at it. Dealing with school stuff or recovering from it always took up too much time, but I genuinely liked it when I could make the time for it. Now, I'm thinking I can make much more time for it and that is a Good Thing (tm).

I don't mean to tie everything to ADD (and I don't think I do, but I feel weird mentioning it sometimes...), but I do remember reading something in one of the many books I went through this year that said that exercise was very good for folks with ADD because some very high percentage of those folks who did regular significant exercise (i.e. martial arts, aerobics etc...) reported having less problems from ADD than they did when they didn't exercise (or for instance, if they took a month long vacation and didn't get to exercise much, they'd be going bonkers by the time they got back into their normal rhythm).

I've been ramping up the exercise slowly but I think I'm starting to notice the improvements in concentration and whatnot. Not huge gains, but big enough to make me more eager to continue even if the actual "getting into shape" takes somewhat longer to see. This is were being obsessive can come in handy :).

Well, anyways, I'm going to eat now and read a bit before I give my lair a thorough cleaning (translation, I'm going to sit and wait for muscles to work again before doing something else ;).

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