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Stupid Banks... maybe I should switch to a mattress...

I ended up opening and Bank of America account today because Wells Fargo decided that my relocation check was too large to give me access to it for a WEEK. Funny how when they do their math they do everything in their power to make sure they hit you for as many fees and charges as possible instantly but giving you access to your money is so much harder. Like the way they'll sort debits to your account from biggest to smallest instead of chronologically so if you're overdrawn there's a good chance they can hit you for more fees. I'm paranoid about this stuff so I haven't had to deal with those fees in a long time, but I still find it annoying that they work like that while they have no problem holding my money for a week when we all know they can pull the money electronically within seconds.

Not that the new account will magically fix everything, but if WF is going to give me this sort of hassle while not having ANY branches near enough that I could go do banking stuff in person (when necessary), then I think BoA is a decent choice. I may also investigate credit unions and/or other options, but IMO having an account with a national bank does have some very real advantages from a convenience standpoint.

One of the reasons I had the hassle this time around is that I got the relocation check while I was out in Virginia and without any WF branches nearby my only options for depositing it were deposit by mail (which seems sketchy at best) or waiting until I was back in EP near a branch. Had I known about the BS with holding the check for a week I would have probably opened the BoA account sooner. Now I just need to get my direct deposit switched over to it and I'll be set, but I can do that next week once I'm back in Va.

Fortunately I did get the money thing sorted out, but I wasted half the day doing so.

I can already tell that this week is going to be fun.

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