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OMG. I am completely and utterly wiped out. The house is largely empty. It's not quite 100% due to some coordination issues and a few unforseen problems, but the vast majority of my stuff is now either in my folk's house (my mom graciously offered to let me use my childhood bedroom while I sell my house and buy another one) or it's sitting in the dining room, waiting to be picked up by movers and shipped out to Va while I live in the apartment.

Tonight is my last night in this house.

Tonight my house feels not a bit like my home any more. It's a far cry from the day when I moved in quite a few years ago (about 6.5 in fact). My life has taken some decidedly unexpected turns in that time, but I wouldn't change a thing. I am happy with where I find myself today and with the future I have laid out in front of me. In some ways it's unexpected (never thought I'd live in Virginia) and in some ways it's nothing short of a dream come true (especially where MGX is concerned).

Tomorrow I head out East and if things go well I'll get to spend a little while with MGX during my layover (fingers crossed like you wouldn't believe).

Anyways, I am about ready to keel over and I need to get up and deal with a few last minute things tomorrow. So I'm off. Sweet dreams folks.

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