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This morning's view

This morning's view
Originally uploaded by dragonvpm
I was a bit surprised to see this out the back door when I got up this morning.

Fortunately I live less than 5 minutes from the office so my commute was actually pretty painless. Although I did stop by a convenience store to grab an ice scraper which will now probably not be needed for the rest of the year.


what a shame!

i threw away a perfectly good snow broom and an ice-scraper/shovel when i moved away from syracuse. if we'd known then what we know now, i would have shipped them to you! :)

Re: what a shame!

Heh, if I'd known then what I know now, I would have done quite a few random things differently (and sooner, it would have been great to just move out of the house and have it 100% sell-able).

I was thinking about that last night as I realized that some things I would have liked to bring out with me sooner rather than later are now packed and not easily reachable for the time being (like my favorite stainless steel cereal bowl).
Eh, I tend to have a very good temperature regulator so hot and cold don't really bother me. Snow is still a nice novelty and from the sounds of it, this area doesn't see it more than once or twice a year at most so it won't be a hassle.
don't forget the shovel ;p
Heh, this is still the south, I'm hoping I can get away without needing a snow shovel :-p