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Settling in a little more.

Today was a rainy dreary day so I ended up hanging out at home, assembling my new desk and watching movies on my computer. Check out my workspace. It's about as pared down as can be, but I like it. I may leave this setup in place once I get my main computer. Or I might cram another 2 monitors on this desk. However, I suspect MGX would prefer to see it stay like this though, so we'll see.

I really really can't wait until I get my stuff out here finally. It's taken a while to get things sent out, but I think things should be moving along more quickly now. Finally. I really wouldn't mind sitting and just watching a little TV or having furniture to put my stuff in and on. It feels like I've been living out of a suitcase for far too long.


Very nice set-up!
Thanks! It's not quite done, but I'm really liking it so far. I still miss my big old desktop (with all the horsepower and whatnot) but this is a nice setup for the time being.

Hey! I never thought of taking the battery out to save charging cycles when the laptop is plugged in!!! THANKS! I'll remember that with my next battery!
I've been doing that for a while and it does seem to help my batteries last longer (and with laptops that's a very good thing since they tend to last me a lot longer than other battery powered items like cell phones etc...)
There's something to be said for the minimalist approach. I like the new desk. I'm glad to hear you are settling in a bit better, and I hope all your stuff will soon arrive. It sucks to live out of suitcases for too long. I know.
Thanks. I'm liking how this setup works, but I definitely need more furniture (most of which is coming soon). I got rid of my couches so I need to buy new ones, and I'll need to do something about the desk situation once I get my desktop machines here, but I'm thinking I have just enough stuff to be comfortable in this apartment for a while until I can find a house of my own (I'm so ready to move though).
Good luck on everything. I hope your previous home sells quickly for you. It sounds as though you may have lived there for a while, so hopefully you'll still be able to turn a nice tidy profit. That will help tremendously in your search for a new home in VA.