Dragon -V- (dragonvpm) wrote,
Dragon -V-

Friday the 13th...

... was actually fairly painless.

Not a spectacularly exciting day, not a particularly unpleasant day. I made some headway on work stuff and I got to enjoy living so close to the office since it was raining all day.

Really my only complaint is that my new internet provider SUCKS!!! Mosaic broadband is horrible so far. I'd started to get a little spoiled having Cox at the apartment. Their speeds were spectacular, there were no connectivity problems but for some stupid reason the apartmnet complex switched to Mosaic and my speeds have plummeted. This plus finding out that going month to month on my lease will actually cost me an extra $100 a month makes me think that we won't be staying here any longer than absolutely necessary. I'd halfway contemplated just continuing to rent this place for a while and not hurrying up and buying a house, but I don't like living in an apartment and the bad internet service plus the extra financial hit for going month to month makes me think that finding a place to buy will be at the top of our list just as soon as I sell my house in EP.

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