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10 year reunion....

Well I officially signed up to go to my 10 year college reunion this summer. Rumor has it that the Tech Night at the Pops sells out quickly so I decided to sign us up as son as I got the email saying we could.

MGX will be joining me out there and I'll get to show her my old stomping grounds and hopefully we'll get to meet up with my various friends. So, hopefully my MIT and Boston area friends will be in the area come early June.


ahem. i seem to have missed this post somehow. we're gonna go, too! i doubt i'll drag the toddler to pops, but let's meet up the weekend!
Sounds like a plan. Although as it turned out the part of my best friend will now be played by someone who deserves to be introduced to my friends.

Should still be a fun weekend, what events are you guys planning on doing?