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Who watches the Watchers?

I don't know, but I watched Watchmen :-)

I won't got into too many details, but personally I liked how it was done and I thought the changes there were tended to help the story overall. I can't wait to see the extended version on DVD once that comes out.

Co-worker/friend J's wife is out of town this weekend so we had a guy's night out. We hit Cinema Cafe for dinner and Watchmen. He wasn't familiar with the comic, but he seemed to enjoy it. We ended up having a cool conversation outside the theatre after the movie.

In hindsight I should have suggested hitting Waffle House so we could sit around talking longer, but I was a bit wiped out. Lately work has been running from 7-ish to around 6-ish but once we finish buying out the job the hours should be a bit shorter and that'll be good.

All things considered, I'm enjoying being out here. It's nothing like El Paso, and I do miss my family at times, but once things settle down more I think it'll be nice living here for a while and visiting EP as time and finances allow. Knowing MGX is seriously planning on joining me out here helps a lot. It'll be nice being somewhere that's ours instead of hers or mine. Virginia is nicely neutral ground plus it has beaches ;-).

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