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purple dragon

And lo did Verizon bestow upon me, high speed internet....

... so that I might be free from the scourge that is Mosaic Broadband Glacially-Slow-Speed Internet.

That's right boys and girls. I am once again one with the the intertubes. I have what can actually be described as high speed internet in my apartment and loading webpages and downloading stuff is no longer a horribly painful endeavor.

I'm very happy at this development and I am rather gleefully awaiting the chance to submit the survey that the apartment complex delivered this weekend (the survey that effectively says something to the effect of "Mosiac Broadband is the absolute worst internet provider I have ever used and I will happily tell this to everyone who ever shows even the slightest interest in internet options in the area") and tomorrow I'll call them up and cancel that utterly useless excuse for internet that they're peddling. Hallelujah.

Not a bad start to the week.


ah, we were wondering what had happened to ya!


so mosaic does straight up suck, for the last two weeks ive been trying to figure out what was wrong with my modem or router, thanks now i know that i just need to cancel it, the only thing is verizon doesnt have their fios thing set up yet in my apartment complex...

Yeah, it is Mosaic that sucks.

My apartment doesn't have fios either, but it's only temporary so once I'm house hunting I'll try and find a place I like with fios :-)