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meerkat photo

Have a seat...

Well, after yesterday's fun in obtaining Tetris, today I stayed closer to home... and bought some couches. I'm starting to really like Craigslist out here. I got a great deal on three leather couches AND two end tables.

My acquisitions: a chair, a love seat, and a couch.

My living room no longer looks quite so barren and depressing.

While I was taking photos I also took a couple of the new Tetris machine

Oh, and remember the new monitor I mentioned? Check out my current desktop at home. Still nice and simple, but OMG am I in love with this monitor. The only thing that could be better than this would be having TWO of these babies sitting on my desk, but I'll hold off on that until I have my desktop machine out here :-).


Dang but you've got CL mojo.
Heh, that's a new development. In El Paso, my CL mojo was pretty much DOA.

sacred bulldada explanation

Clearly your luck plane is tied to the magnetic leylines in Virginia, and was out of phase in El Paso, resulting in frustration. I had similar issues when I was in North Carolina. That'll be 300 dollars.
Wow, very nice acquisitions from craigslist! All the leather furniture looks to be in great shape. The gods above were smiling on you this weekend.

I am also coveting your new monitor. Very NICE!
Heh, thanks. The furniture isn't the best stuff out there, but I like how it looks and it was cheap (for me at least) and comfortable, so I'm happy with it.
OMGawd!!! YES!!!
Heh, I've seen that icon before! ;-)

I'm can't wait until I have a nice place to have my toys for a while. This apartment living is not fun.