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Random note about movies....

Ok, so I was stalking (j/k) err... talking to Dream today and the subject of movies came up. After struggling to define what makes a good movie, I came up with the Dragon Scale:

Dragon's Movie Watching Scale (very small pun intended)
  1. Do Not Watch
  2. Watch if someone else rents and provides the popcorn
  3. Download from Morpheus
  4. Will probably rent at some point
  5. Sneak in to the second run movie theatre
  6. Watch at the second run movie theatre
    (lately a.k.a. the $3 dollar movies :-/ )
  7. Go to the half price matinee
  8. Will happily pay full price
  9. Will watch multiple times at the theatre
  10. Will camp out for

Just thought you'd like to know what scale is being applied when I ramble about movies :)

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