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typing monkey

Crank: High Voltage

In an effort to escape my despair, I decided to steal jetgrrl01's movie watching idea. So I got a haircut and zipped over to the local megaplex to check out Crank: High Voltage.

If you've watched the commercials you pretty much have an idea what you're in for. If you enjoyed the first one, you're in for a treat because it's actually a little bit better. The visuals are alternately hilarious and gross and the violence is ridiculously over the top, but it's done in just the right way. It's almost like watching a live action loony toons cartoon. This movie could have turned out very badly, but I was impressed that they actually came up with a movie that kept the same goofy concept and actually cranked it up a notch without becoming totally absurd.

So, yeah, good movie, I enjoyed it. It's not for everyone, but it's very fun if it is.


Ooo, glad to hear it was good!
Yeah, that was a very good call on your part. It's definitely up there with Trainspotting and the first Crank as far as over-the-top crazy stuff, but I thought it was fun and it did a good job of moving right along in an entertaining way.

I take it you didn't end up watching it after all?
No, I haven't been going to many movies on my own lately (though I don't mind it... i just find other things to keep me busy).