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sport death

Steer Roast

Thanks to Becca's & Carole's prodding (and Becca's generous offer of a guest room and her happy pug cheering-up committee), I decided to drown my sorrows with some good company and assorted debauchery at Steer Roast this year. I'm only going to be in town from Fri-Sun, but I figured I'd throw this out there to see who's going to Roast and who'll be around? :-)


feast, for sure. hoping for sun!
Awesome! :-D
holy crap, steer roast is in < 2 weeks!! somehow, i was thinking that it was still a month away. geez.

let's meet up at feast or before. i'll email you our #'s.

Sounds good, I emailed you mine :-)
Awww yeah! I'll be there. Haven't figured out where I'm staying yet.
Very cool! I can't wait to catch up :-D
I won't be at the Roast but if you want to grab a meal/snack while you're up here that would be spiffy.
That would be very cool. Are you busy on Friday? I'm getting into town next Friday in the AM and the whole day is wide open.
It's between semesters for me so I'm entirely free that day :). We could easily do lunch or even run around a museam or whatnot.
Woo-hoo! Lunch and museum-running-around sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I'm getting in around 8:30 and the pit lighting isn't until 5. I'd probably want to get to Senior Haus by a little after 4 in order to get into the courtyard etc... but beyond that the day is wide open.

If you have any interest in checking out the pit lighting at 5, I could probably put you on the guest list too.
Gods, I haven't been to Steer Roast in years (and man was it a good time when I did go - my biohazard nipple shields were highly appreciated ;P). Seeing the pit lighting would be fantastic.

Is someone meeting you at the airport? My car probably won't be the comfiest for you (it fits me like a glove and everyone I know like a too-small gloves ;P) but I could pick you up so you don't have to schlep your gear on the T :).
Biohazard nipple shields you say? Hmmm...

I'll email the veeps and ask them to put you on the guest list (not sure how responsive they are, but hopefully that won't be a problem). Can you email me the name you'd want on the guest list?

So far I don't have a ride from the airport, and iirc, your car isn't _that_ small so if you feel like being up early that would be cool, if not we can meet up for lunch or for misc pre-lunch running around.