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Steer Roast Recap

Steer Roast was teh awesome.

I had an amazingly good time and it was all thanks to Becca, Jag, Antony, Robin, Brynn, Donna, Meghan, Faye, and a whole slew of other folks who I'm probably forgetting at this moment. I had hoped it would be a fun weekend, but it was exactly what I needed. Everything isn't magically better in some areas, but it was good to spend time with such remarkably cool folks who just happen to be such good friends.

I got into town Friday morning and was picked up by Brynn. We hustled away from Logan and I boggled at all the changes that had come along post Big Dig. We stopped for breakfast at a small cafe and I enjoyed hanging out relaxing, people watching, and talking about all manner of randomness. I didn't have any huge plans for the day so we ended up hanging out and playing Rockband 1&2 for quite some time ;-). I had never played it before, but I had a lot of fun and I think I may even pick up a copy soon. Eventually Brynn's housemate Jeff joined us and we headed up for hole-in-the-wall Chinese food prior to Roast. Brynn got me to campus just in time and I met up with Becca and Jag and ditched most of my stuff in Becca's car.

We made it to the courtyard and I spent the time leading up to the pit lighting catching up with all the folks we hadn't gotten to see in years. It was great seeing so many familiar faces and finding out where their lives had taken them over the last many years. Eventually though it was time to get the show on the road. Henry and Cynthia were presented with a very cool plaque to commemorate their 14 years as housemasters and it was so great to see how many people they had helped and how many lives they had touched in their years wrangling students and admins in order to protect Senior Haus. It was really touching and after having been there when they became Hausmasters all those years ago and sharing so many fond memories of them, it was really great to be there for their last official Steer Roast as Hausmasters.

The pit lighting was cool and I got pretty decent video of it. We watched Henry & Cynthia mud wrestle, I caught up with more friends, and eventually I headed out for Thai with Becca, Jag, and Antony. It was a great dinner and a good chance to catch up a bit. We headed back to the Haus for bands and to tour the building and we were all amazed at how many great murals were up. I hadn't been back in years, but apparently there were a huge number of new murals so I spent quite a while taking lots of pictures. Eventually it was time to call it a night and I headed to NH w/ Becca to check out her great old house (built for short people) and meet her pugs Magnus & Opal. We ended up staying up a bit later than expected commiserating about various things and I enjoyed and appreciated some really great observations and comments about recent life stuff.

Despite staying up way way way too late, we were up relatively early Saturday morning. Becca made waffles and we even made it to the gym for a decent work out before heading back to Cambridge. We got in line for the feast and met up with even more folks that we hadn't run across on Friday. The weather was beautiful (which is somewhat unusual for Roast), the food was good, and the company was great. Henry & Cynthia got a well deserved standing ovation before the traditional post-feast skit (which was surprisingly quite funny this year). After the feast, Jag, Antony, Becca and I wandered over to Central Square for coffee and on the way back we met up with Meghan and hit the Miracle of Science for some food and drinks. We made it back to the Haus in time for the burlesque show put on by the Boston Babydolls. As always they delivered a great show that was a lot of fun to watch :-D. After some more hanging out, we finally called it a night and headed back up to Becca's house. We stayed up watching Top Gear a bit, but we did end up crashing a decent bit earlier than the previous night.

Sunday morning was pretty low key. We hit Becca's favorite diner for breakfast, and afterwards she gave me a tour of Derry. Made it back to the house, took the pugs for a walk, then chilled and watched Sunday morning TV along with some Daily Show. We had lunch (a very tasty pizza courtesy of Becca) and eventually it was time for me to head back to Boston. Becca dropped me off at the bus terminal and I had a very pleasant bus ride down to Logan. I was early, but I was planning on meeting up with Robin before our respective flights to our respective lives. I spent a nice while people watching and thinking about what a great weekend it had been (along with processing some very good advice) before she got there. We hung out for a little while then we each left to go to our respective gates.

I had an easy flight back which was delayed a bit due to weather, but overall it wasn't a big deal and I made it home safe and sound.

I'll post my photos later today. I apparently took over 300 of them and while several won't be usable, a fair number are but I've been a little... distracted since I got back ;-)

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