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Work? What work?

No, really, where did that pesky little critter disappear to?

Eh, it's a slow week. Slow as in non-existent. I have to re-wire the speakers in my mom's truck and deposit my paycheck and that's about it for today.

I finally got around to re-working my journal's pages. Consider this version 1.5 where I figure out how the heck all the LJ variables work so that I actually come up with something that looks vaguely personalized. I also fixed some weird mis-alignment with the "previous N entries" link. I think I might spend some part of this weekend actually coming up with a nice web-design that my journal can be integrated into. I already had one sort of worked out a few months ago, but then I started fiddling with this journal thingy and well I managed to procrastinate (I know, what a shocking revelation).

That's somewhat warped. I have stuff to write about, but I kind of don't want to touch those topics right now, so I'm going to procrastinate writing about those things with what I procrastinated away in the first place.

And if that last line made any sense to you, seek professional help right away ;)