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zhaan silly

The G.V.S.

The Giant Voice
Originally uploaded by dragonvpm
On of the interesting things about working on a military base is the quirky names they give some of their systems. Take the Giant Voice for instance.

How'd you like that booming out at you while you're hanging out in your yard? They've been testing it all afternoon and I'm about ready to go grab the ear plugs from my truck :-p.


I LIVE on a Military base....imagine that craziness. I have that, then there's a woman doing it testing the emergency system, and then there are the bugle calls that are only supposed to be played at 6:30am, 5:00pm, and 11:00pm, but no, they've been going off for 3 weeks at all random hours. Like 6:22am, but they're not even the calls that are supposed to go off. lol I have a lovely speaker really close to my house. So I feel your pain. lol
That would drive me crazy!