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Seriously Boston PD?

Cop apologizes for ‘jungle monkey’ e-mail

I was willing to believe that Officer Crowley wasn't so much a racist as much as just an overzealous proponent of the "I'm a cop and you will 'respect ma authority' or else!" crowd[1], but now you have some nimrod in the Boston PD commit his thoughts to email and those thoughts included multiple uses of the phrase "jungle monkey"

Even better, this genius CC's the fucking Boston Globe in his email. Seriously? In what reality did that seem like an even remotely intelligent decision? Then this idiot has the nerve to claim that his statements were taken out of context (even as he's apologizing for making them). Is there really a context where using the phrase jungle monkey in relation to an African-American isn't horribly racist? Worse yet he tries to play the "I have so many friends of every type of culture and race you can name. I am not a racist," card and it's really just pathetic.

About the only thing that I'm fairly sure about Officer Barrett is that he is a racist and he's also a coward who will foam at the mouth and rail against "jungle monkeys" when he thinks that he's untouchable with his gun and his badge but as soon as he gets slapped down he's all about equality and loving his fellow man etc... That's exactly the kind of person I want running around with a gun and a badge "protecting" my city.

Good grief...

[1] - In my own life, I've experienced racism, racial profiling, and even anger/jealousy for being associated with a famous school. My suspicion is that Crowley isn't a card-carrying member of the KKK and he probably isn't racist, but he probably did walk into the situation thinking that the two black men he was confronting in that specific neighborhood didn't belong there. So he was probably wound up and on edge from walking into a situation that he perceived as being potentially dangerous. Once he realized that they were supposed to be there he was probably still on edge and he got annoyed when Gates mouthed off to him and he decided to teach the uppity Harvard professor a lesson. Arresting someone for disorderly conduct in public while they're in their own house just doesn't smell right and if you look at disorderly conduct arrests (not convictions, there's a major difference between arresting someone for it and actually taking it to court) you'll find that they're often used as a stick to keep people in line when they're annoying cops.

So yeah, I don't think Crowley deserves to be called a racist, but I also don't think that he's necessarily a good cop and I don't think that he really had a legitimate reason for arresting Gates. He arrested Gates because he annoyed him and he figured that as a cop he could get away with it and so far he's been lucky that the media is focusing on the racism angle, not the abuse of authority angle which is the real story there.

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