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House Name?

So I'm a bit stumped, how would you guys go about naming a house?


I've always wanted to name a house Wyndemere, but that's because I watched a lot of General Hospital as a child.
Well, I can share how we named our house. Each house has gotten a name from our family -- based upon its characteristics and the surrounding area.

The place we live in now is called The Aerie (English: "The Eagles' Nest") because we live 80 feet above a bay where lots of eagles come to fish/fly/live/share company/just be..

We've named a previous house "The Wolves' Lodge" because wolves are a totem animal of both myself and my caregiver.. so that little house in the woods felt very much like 'our lodge.'

I would start looking around, see what characteristics of the house/area pop out at you. Also take a look inside at what means a lot to you.. your heart and spirit. Your lodge's name could be within that sacred space.

Good luck!!

I call mine "My House", and that's worked out pretty well for me. ;)